Tuesday, September 18, 2012



Once, there was a girl who had no idea what she was doing...
That girl is definitely me.

The past nine months have been insane, to say the least...
College looms ever closer, and I can't help but feel excited and thrilled by the idea of change. Pretty soon here, my entire life is going to be different.

And I can't wait.

However, one little problem:
I refuse to stay at this nasty weight.
So, once again, 96 pounds is in my sights...
I will do it, no problem.

Through the headaches, the hunger; it's all for a reason.

I have dreams, you see.
Dreams of glamour, dreams of class.

Thinner, thinner.
Richer, richer.

Constant echoes in my mind, repetitive and intoxicating...
It won't take much, it'll take everything.

I have a boyfriend now.

Also: I'm fat.
Well, not for long.

2 eggs
2 pieces american cheese
1 small sausage patty
1 coke zero
3 slices turkey breast


  1. missed you
    weight is only a number
    u have amazing things to look forward to
    much love

  2. beautifully said and very inspiring to me