Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Progress is being made, I am more than happy to report.
I guess the reason why it's even being made at all, is because I've always had this ideal in my mind of what and how a skinny girl eats. 
I'd always told myself, I'll eat like that when I'm thin...

But then it dawned on me.
That is hella backwards.

So now I'm eating as such, until I'm thin.

1085 is my set limit these days. 
I figure, get the most out of my metabolism.
Right now, my body is set to be handling 1900 calorie days.
By weaning myself off, rather than full out restricting or (god forbid) fasting, I'm manipulating my body to its fullest. It's low impact on my mentality, and relatively easy.
I'll ride that wave out, until my metabolism adjusts and I hit a plateau.

When such an event happens, I pull out the big guns.
We'll see how it goes.

Au revoir.


  1. I'm glad you're making progress sweetheart. You're doing a great job :)

    I used to think like that too. I thought if I lose this much weight I can have something I really crave, but now I realized that is just working backwards.

    Anyway take care x

  2. That is my goal as well. well mine is 1000 but it is really close! I hope you do well with it!

    Stay Strong. If you ever need support just let me know.

    <3 Jess

  3. You guys are my support :) That's really the great thing. And anon, it's always the mentality that kills us.. Isn't it?