Saturday, May 7, 2011


So when he asked the question, "Why'd you bother to lie?"
"I just wanted something good enough to hide..."

I can feel it.
My days are on the edge of blurring.

That sensation, when every day melds haplessly into the next.
The very idea that just may drive me insane.
I want to fly.

To be free.
To be defined, by the lines of nothing and everything.
Where every intrepid notion that was every thought meets every idea that was never realized, in that realm where ego infects thought, and thought infects mind.
We always see thoughts and actions as a separate duality, that do not and can not exist in the same vein.
But what if it's all connected?

Strangely, it's not strangling.
This time, the blurring is almost... Comforting.

Before, perhaps it was a coping mechanism...
Suffering finds its own way to cope with happiness.
But now, these days blur, happily.

Is that not all we ask?


My time's being spent wiser, and the scale is inching downwards.
I'm keeping a diary of all my foods, calorie contents and nutrients.
If you play hard, you win hard.

I just don't want to go home...
I am afraid of where my heart lies.

And I know it's not at 122.

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