Thursday, March 24, 2011


I broke my pleatuea...

              It's so strange, walking around with a full stomach- but still having minor grey outs and headaches like I've been fasting for four plus days.
         It's very strange. My overall weightloss since this Monday, (today's Thursday for me), has been 5.6 pounds.
From 126, to 120.4
I'm still much heavier than I'd like to be.

But hey, isn't that the way these things work?
I must say though, this is the most amount of weight I've lost in such a short amount of time- And I'm not even fasting. It's just slightly strange to me.

I'm down 13 pounds from my starting weight of 133, about three weeks ago.

I'm tired of being fat, and being miserable for it.
Because, I stand at a mere 5 feet tall (153 centimetres for all you metric countries out there :p)

Which is tiny.
...Unlike the rest of me.

Today's breakfast was definitely gag worthy, consisting of grated carrot and lemon.
Ick. I do not recommend.

Oh, the things we do...

This is day five.

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