Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Double take

      I think one of my biggest fears in life is fading. Of all the things I'm afraid of, it's this one that has me in a chokehold. I'm afraid of never actually realizing my potential. We are capable of so much as humans, but how much of that do we ever tap into? Yet we are the only species that commits suicide.

    It's like that one thing in life, that forever changes your perspective. Things you used to be sure of before, no longer hold as much meaning- Or signify quite the same thing anymore. For some, it's being called fat. Perhaps losing a loved one. Maybe even realizing what you once had, wasn't so great in the first place. Then somewhere along the line, we lose hope. After being told for so long that we "can't" and we "couldn't", we commited the most heinous of crimes; we started to believe them. We started to believe that we couldn't amount to much. It all starts with losing hope. But there is a limitless world out there, full of possibilities which anyone and everyone can actualize. Believe in the world, but more than that- Believe in yourself.

            Because no matter what you go through in life, you still have one critical upper hand. Choice.
    You can choose to be happy.
               No longer having to wait for anyone's approval, constantly hurting inside-always wanting to reach out, but never grasping far enough. No longer do you have to be imprisoned to what you feel you can't do.
          Choose, just choose.

      There is life for the taking.


  1. Thanks, I found this post really helpful. :)

  2. Of course m'dear. I lay my heart bare. It means a lot you got something from it. :)