Saturday, November 5, 2011


I'm getting more and more used to the idea of saying "no".
It really is a strange concept to me.
Today I wanted "just one more slice of cheese..."
"Come on, just a little chunk of skinless turkey..."
"Maybe a couple raw almonds?"

And that was it. 
Final answer.
Because I came to the realization, that every time I say no to those seemingly insignificant things, I'm creating a greater change within my body that's only going to bring me closer and closer to my goal.

And not to mention, I feel strong.

Today, I walked around the mall with my boyfriend, hand in hand; visiting stores and gazing upon thousands and thousands of cute outfits just begging to be worn.
Surrounding us on all sides were the shoppers.
We decided to stop inside a little candy stop, which was actually sort of my decision.
I just wanted to go in there and look.
I find looking to be the most intensely pleasurable experience- it brings no pain or guilt.
All the colors arranged in an aesthetically appealing manner, set in large barrels strewn through the store; it was like dancing through my childhood.

I didn't intend to eat any of it, no sir.
Just merely watch.

Whilst perusing the stores, I engaged in one of my most favorite activities of all time- people watching. People watching is a source of intense entertainment for me, an event which becomes downright comical when at the mall.
I see so many girls in the middle of butt fuck winter sporting shorts and tank tops- which is not really weird, considering I do live in the Sunshine Out Your Ass State. No, that wasn't the issue... It was the size of the girls wearing short shorts that was truly obscene. I found staring at the cottage cheese rolls being clung to by a jean colored glad wrap so disgusting, that it almost made me gag on my own mental insults.

But hey, to each their own.
I just know when I was fat, I did not go around in booty shorts.
Enough on that matter.


1/2 cup egg whites with cayenne
couple slices turkey
2 slices sharp cheddar cheese

I feel today was a very good day, however I'm feeling a little thirsty...
Perhaps I'll go remedy that now.
I hope everything continues to be well with everyone out in the blogosphere, and I'll sign off with only one piece of advice...

Just say no.


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