Monday, November 21, 2011


I haven't eaten anything today.
I don't desire to.
What I do desire, however, is thin.
I want it.
I need it like I need air.

Today brought with it two compliments, of the unforeseen variety:

"Aniela, what the hell happened? You look like your two pounds!"
An inward smile, and a contented sigh.

"...Wow, Aniela- you really do look like you lost a lot of weight."
A cheeky thought crosses my mind-
You think I look good right now? Oh, just wait...


The greatest thing I long for, I think, is the skinny mindset.
I want to live it, think it, breathe it, feel it.
Sure, not eating is all well and good- it'll get you where you want to be-
but it doesn't require that much will power to just say no.
No, what actually takes the most will power, is allowing yourself to eat-
but not to over indulge in the everyday caloric norm that is contributing to larger waist
 lines all across the world.
It's about saying, no.
Fuck this.
I'm done.
I will be different.
And then, doing it.
Because that's where the true power comes out.


My life is quite literally perfect right now; and I couldn't ask for anymore.
...Other than to perhaps weigh a little less. (;

Nothing, same as yesterday

3 miles walking

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