Saturday, November 19, 2011


Six pounds away from my lowest weight ever.
And it feels fucking amazing.

Debating having some tea, thinking about the future...
The boyfriend is in love with my body.
He keeps caressing my more visible bones, grabbing my hips...
Tracing my arms with his fingers...
Even he's amazed.

And hell, well, so am I.


Today's going swimmingly- spent the morning at the mall.
At Forever 21, I decided (on impulse) to grab cute shorts to try on; 
I checked the size - 24.
Now, in the past, I have always worn a 27 at Forever 21- sometimes a 26.
Today, those 24s fit perfectly. 
It was a fucking head rush.
I asked the clerk, "What size does the 24 translate to?"
She responds, "Zero."
Cue me almost shitting myself.

Sorry for being awol for awhile, I had a bit of a hiccup- 
I catapulted to113 in three days; which is not good at all.
But, I lost 8 pounds in the four days after (; 
So it's all good.

I hope you all are having lovely days.


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