Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today was a very weird day.
It started, with me once again not eating- I'd allotted myself egg whites for breakfast, but, lo and behold, my lazy ass didn't have enough time to actually cook anything.
Thus sets the scene of my day, leaving the house hassled, hair barely straightened, make up everything but smudged on- just done up enough to be approachable in common society.
Then lunch time rolls around.
I was walking down the hall, when suddenly my thoughtful countenance was assaulted by some sounds coming from somewhere in the same hallway.
"Hey cutie!"
A lower classman calls at me; I scoff outright.
I say right back, "Too young."
And walk right off towards the track.
It was my lunch, after all- I mean, what else would I be doing? Eating?
Ha, good one.

After I finished my two miles, I get cat called walking to my next class.
At this point, I'm thinking what the fuck.
Fast forward to later that day, after school.
I went to a restaurant with my friend, and after inquiring to speak to the manager about the food ingredients in one of the recipes (my friend is on a low carb diet, gotta help her out every once in awhile), right before he walks off he says, "I was sort of hoping you were going to ask if we have any server spots for hire right now, because you are very gorgeous and we could use someone like you."
What. The. Fuck.
Oh, but I'm not done.
On the way home, besides getting honked at twice, a twenty year old guy slows down while making a turn, and stares straight at me and smiles. Then, he pulls around again in front of me, calling out; "Hey girly, are you single?" Seems harmless enough, you know.
But wait, did I mention he's driving a minivan, and missing teeth?
"No, I'm taken, sorry," I call back out.
As if.
It's going to take a lot more than calling at me from a moving vehicle to get me, and especially not a minivan.

The point of all this is, this has just started occurring, now that I hit the 102 lb area.
Nobody, and I repeat, nobody did any such thing towards me or about me when I was thirty pounds heavier.
People are noticing.
But more importantly, so am I.

Just goes to show though, that nobody likes the fat girl...


I don't regret weight loss for a moment.
All I had to do was believe in myself.


walk five miles (270 calories)

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