Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm not as pissed about it as I normally am.
I mean hey, at least I'm not getting fatter.
No skin off my teeth.
Or food, for that matter.

I feel less fat around my stomach area, meaning that this plateau is mainly water weight + me not being able to shit. I was going to remedy that today, by using the very few amount of carbs I'm allowed (less than three grams) to eat fiber-full celery all day in the hopes of being able to shit.
Well, Thank you world, for the cordial fuck you.
The parentals didn't buy celery, so I'm just eating normal low carb all day.
I'll have lost weight eventually (: 
It just takes time.


They say your body has biological markers that at certain sizes, will stick your weight where it is because it "remembers" a time you were this size and clings to it, survival style.
Hence, the plateau.
But it's whatever.
You just have to stick it out, change up what you're doing; before you know it you will be lower and it will feel amazing.
All that hardwork, all those days spent starving, will have paid off.
This is what I look forward to.

Wish me luck today, darlings.

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