Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Back at my previous lowest weight.
Fuck yes.
I'm so damn thirsty though...

Today I woke up to a cold morning, and threw on my most expensive furry (faux, of course) jacket and Uggs and went outside to enjoy the cool, refreshing air make my life completely miserable.
Breakfast was me daintily nibbling on a yellow egg with some cheese on it, contemplating the day ahead.
Last night I slept so damn well, it was incredible.

Girlies, when dieting/fasting/doing whatever you fucking can to lose weight, always remember to get enough sleep; or you will feel (and look) like death. 
And that's not the point of this whole thing.
The point is for you to be the most drop dead gorgeous bitch in the entire room.
So, sleep and adequate water is of utmost importance<3
Make sure to drink plenty of it!
And no, darlings, your nonfat skinny light caramel frappucinos from Starbucks don't count ;)


In all life, no matter your venture, mentality is half (if not more) of the battle.
If you tell yourself, I can do this- hell, I can do it whenever I want;
then you will it into existence.
The stress you normally feel when thinking about how much weight you want to lose, will be replaced with a smug comfort.
Because once you do get that dream body, everyone will be in awe.
They will be thrown off, insecure- you used to look like them.
You were one of them, on their level.
And then you became gorgeous.
They think to themselves, "They became gorgeous.. and here I am, still fat..."
Insecurities will arise.
Fat girls won't trust you.
You're no longer one of them.
Guys will drool after you, but hey, you get the pick of the flock...
And oh my, will they flock.


If I could run away into forever, 
an emptiness to hide
a love returned forgotten
for just a piece of time
I'd live in those wondrous places
between each realm of thought
to dwell upon your dreams,
in your memory caught.
I'd find those words you do not speak
in that place where trials and hopes can meet
The contempted, the tried, the loved and true,
they have no meaning 
when I'm without you.


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