Friday, November 4, 2011


Something crazy just happened.
I was in the bathroom, and spur of the moment decided to strip and weigh myself...
On the way to the scale, I'm thinking to myself, great- I'm going to see a higher number and want to kill myself be extremely upset.
I'm just sorta muttering to myself, and then I brace myself, hold my breath, and step onto the cool surface of the scale.

This morning, I was 108.2
It's the afternoon... of the same day.

I got up the courage to finally look down, and several red dashes blink back at me.
I blink.
It doesn't register.
I stare at the number.
"One oh seven?" I think to myself.
I quickly think back to what I was this morning...
and almost have a heart attack.

This has never happened before, and I'm going to take it as indicative of my further success.
I've worked hard, and now it's paying off.
Quite plentifully, indeed (;


Fiber day went well.
My daily intake was significantly lower than usual, which after two celery sticks totaled up to a whopping 9 calories, 2g carbs.
I feel like a boss.

I'm going to take this moment, to rant about something I keep seeing.
I've been spending more and more time of late on Tumblr,  on which there is an intense Pro-Ana following. However, what I'm seeing more frequently is girls saying, "I'm on day 9 of my water fast! Only had four pieces of fruit, three bites of pasta, six sips of pepsi..." *list goes on*
Bitch, shut the fuck up.
That is not a fast.
The only thing fast about what you just mentioned is how quickly your thighs are going to expand.

Anywho, I hope everyone is well-
because my life is truly amazing.




  1. Jeeze, how can people think that is a fast :S retards.

    You're doing amazingly :) ahh bet that was amazing dropping that pound throughout the day! Omg I'm at such a plateau! :( x

  2. People think that is a water fast? Wow. What mongs. :/

    I don't think the weight thing has ever happened to me before either. Now I'm jealous. :P x