Saturday, October 22, 2011


The scale is slightly more agreeable this morning.
I've had an apple today...

It's chilly today.
It reminds me of a distant past, of a world that no longer exists to me...
Did it ever really exist at all?
Sometimes I question the very fabric of reality I've been caught in....

Dainty, faint whisperings of a world I once lived in-
How it haunts me to this day.

One day, I will return...
To take back what was ripped from my possession.
For it is there, that I lost my sense of self.

One day, I will make the journey back to New Zealand;
to reclaim what is still, in my hearts of hearts,

There's this impression of that time in my mind;
 a time of mental anguish
of a consistently empty stomach
chilly winds, refreshing air
but more than anything- 
f r e e d o m.

And that's all I ever wanted; to be free.

There are demons here.
They hold me down, they exist with years and years of pent up hatred...
They despise success.
This place is a sickness.

... but I will prevail.

Will always prevails.


  1. OMG I want to eat so little! :)
    You are wonderfull.

    sorry my english, im portuguese :DDD

  2. Puedes hablar espanol? Porque aprendi en la escuela, (: Espero que tu estas teniendo un dia increible, y gracias por leer mi blog.

    Cree Delgado,
    Aniela XX