Monday, October 3, 2011


I feel so much better right now.
No longer am I shaking.
I can think straight, and my face doesn't throb.
All is well with the world.
I'm losing weight.


Hunger pangs are more tolerable, when you have a goal in mind.
I have a state of mind, that I will not stray from.
I know what I want. 
I can do it.
Hell, I'm already halfway there.
If only I push a little harder, go a little farther.
Take the time, take a breath, slow it down, just rest a bit...
Clear my mind, I'll be thinner soon.


I have such a glamorous ideal of thin.
I see a fragile girl. thin wrists and beautiful face.
Her face tilts towards the sun.
In her hands, a nonfat sugarfree light Starbucks caramel frappucino.
She sips it daintily, feeling the warm sun on her face.
She presides over the latest fashions, and everything she wears only accentuates her elegant beauty.
She is high class, above us all.
She is thin.

I want to be her.
So strongly, do I have that image.
She sits there in my mind- so close, within an arms distance.
I will be her.


I have this idea, in my mind.
Let it free itself.

Don't let anybody convince you that you aren't good enough for what you want.
You can be great.

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