Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My stomach is growling.
This means I'm doing something right.
I decided to say fuck it, and just continue to low-carb;
this is how I lose the most weight anyway.
I can push through it.

I'm having a better realization of what I want now.
I'm taking it slowly, step by step...
But I'm getting there.
Soon, I will be where I want to be;
In a great place.

It just takes time.
The hunger pains will be worth it when I can safely be considered the hottest girl in the room.
I'm not a bad looking girl, not by any means.
My body has always been the problem area.
Not anymore.

I feel it.
This time, it's finally going to happen.
I'm going to make it to 100, and in fact, something's telling me I'll even make it below.
It just takes a little time.

I hope you are all having amazing days, and thinking thin.
Once you consider your goals as tangible, they become all the more real to you.
Now it's my turn to be thin.

Will you follow me there?