Thursday, October 6, 2011



Fuck yes.
Plateau, consider yourself broken.
I'm feeling much thinner, in regards to my stomach fat.
It's melting away, slowly but surely...
One pound at a time.
Quite frankly, I'm ecstatic.

When I hit that 110 mark, I'm going to be over the moon. 
I just gotta keep on trekking forward.
It just goes to show, that every little right decision you make,
(No matter how small you think it is)
contributes to a larger cosmic whole that will eventually make you skinny.
Okay, maybe it doesn't happen exactly like that...

So I promise promise promise, that at 108, I'll take progress pictures to share with you guys.

I don't count calories right now, which is a blessing in disguise.
I fucking hate it, because it makes me neurotic-
the OCD-like nature that counting naturally has only exacerbates my eating disordered thoughts...
Something I can't really afford.
Because sometimes, chicas, it's your eating disorder that's stopping you from losing the weight.

Think about it.

I used to see everything in black and white, either I'd done ethereally amazing in my dietary habits one day, or I was a fucked up fucking failure for screwing up in one place, to which I'd then binge away without a care- I was already a fat slob. And a fat, hungry slob at that.

Not anymore.
As I grew in my ED, and my mentality matured....
I realized what needed to be done.

Aesthetics are crucial in the industry I want to be in.
As an actress, you're outward appearance is all that matters.
And I will be as damn close to perfect as I can be.



  1. Congrats on feeling thinner, you're so close to your goal!

  2. You're on PT right? I swear I recognise your picture from there lol.
    Congrats on breaking the plateau. It's always nice to kick them things to the curb. x

  3. @SkinnyNinny
    Indeed, I am. I'm almost there... (:

    Haha, what a lovely coincidence! Indeed I am (: Pleasure to meet you darling dearest. What's your name there? Do you mind my asking?