Sunday, October 2, 2011


Why do these things make me so happy?

Same day, only evening.
This is good news.

I have been eating all day, in fact, I've felt quite indulgent.
I keep having severe grey outs.
The grey outs I can handle, it's the severe pressure mounting in my head that gets to me. My mind hurts.

I know now, that it's only because my body is using alternative fuel sources, and my blood pressure is skyrocketing when I go from a sitting to standing position.
Doesn't make it any less unpleasant.

4 egg whites
8 tsp shredded cheese
7 slices peppered turkey
4 floz mandarin seltzer water
buckets of water

With all of that food weight inside of me, I should (theoretically) be weighing in higher than what I was this morning.
However, because my body is in (hopefully) intense ketosis, I'm losing large amounts of weight just by existing.


I have an incredible boyfriend.

I think I'm going to post progress pics at about 109. 
Just for mental reference.

I am very pleased to be weighing in at a lower weight at the end of the day.

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