Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Another plateau. 
Though, this may be carb-intake related.
Or, I-haven't-shit-in-five-days related.
Who knows.
Either way, this isn't going to fly with me.

No carbs today, and 10 minutes of hardcore sprints.
Now I just wait until tomorrow.
I will have this.

It's funny, how I feel so disgustingly fat.
Actually, it's not funny at all.
I feel fatter now than I did at 133...
But I know this is just the effects of corporeal awareness.
It's all the same at the end of the day though...
I'm not thin enough.

More laxatives today.
I'm certain I'm killing my insides.
But do I really care?

Beach this saturday.
Can't wait to spread my beluga self all over the shores.
But hey, fat or not, I'll get a tan...
Which is my number 2 concern these days.
(Number 1: Lose weight, Number 2: Stay Tan)
Girlies, remember: 
The tanner you are, the thinner you look.

I'm debating taking those progress pictures at 108...
I don't even know if there's even any interest in any pictures.

Regardless, hope you guys are keeping your thin thoughts in your mind.
Wise words of the day:
Don't give up what you want the most, for what you want right now.

1 slice turkey breast
3 string cheese sticks
tuna w/ light mayo

10 minutes sprints

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