Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm very excited. 
I shall have to be getting ready, pretty soon here.
I am preparing for an evening out with the boyfriend.
However, a couple of things are wrong.
I'm still fat.

Mainly, I just mentally kick myself in the rear end for ever regaining any weight.
But hey, at least I'm getting somewhere, somehow.
It shouldn't be too long now.

We're going out, to eat.
That's right.
To eat.

Normally, those words would be a death sentence...
But not for me.
I've learned too much through my eating disordered years.
Tonight, I shall be dining on salmon, the wonder fish.
Plenty of lovely vitamins to keep me healthy, copious amounts of protein, and zero carbs.
Zero. Carbs.
Those words are music to my ears.

I think I knocked myself out of ketosis yesterday but having a coke zero, which has aspartame.
Fuck my life, if I did. Or maybe I'm close to my period.
The bitch tends to be irregular these days, and probably would royally fuck me like that.
But it's quite alright.

I'm getting thinner, even if it's just one pound at a time....
or half....
or quarter....

I never did have any patience.

I think, I could very well kill for some coffee right now.

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