Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Don't you know dear? 
You're your own worst enemy.


Hit a plateau today.
I feel like tearing my hair out.Plateau
However, I am down .2 lbs...
Which is a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.
I haven't gone to the bathroom in three days....
Which is probably contributing to my lack of weight loss, scale wise.
I feel thinner... I just wish I could shit. 
(How ladylike, I know...)


I engorged myself on laxatives this morning.
Six little tablets.
There is a very good chance I may die.
(What a great day for sarcasm.)


Sometimes, I get antsy.
I want results, now.
Asap isn't soon enough.
But alas, I must bide my time...
A little good everywhere, will get me somewhere.
And this is what I have to believe.

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