Tuesday, October 11, 2011



All my worrying from yesterday, put to rest.
I am lower today.
This means a couple things:
1) I can consume 20ish g carbs and still remain in ketosis
2) Because of the above mentioned reason, I can enjoy more fruits, etc
Which leads me to...
 3) I rock.


I'm thinking I'll have no carbs today, and lose more weight, or stay how I'm eating now, and lose less weight. It's a difficult decision. I have to fight my desire for results right now, versus my desire to sustain weight loss. It's a tough trade.

I'm going to stick with the 20ish g of carbs a day, even at the sacrifice of losing less weight now.
-More diverse foods
-Larger possibilities of permanent weight loss maintenance
-better chance of breaking plateaus
-more fiber in my diet, so I'm more likely to shit.

Yes, I like this idea.

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