Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today marks one week since I started again on my weight loss voyage.
Seven pounds down, exactly.
I'm feeling pretty decent about that.
If I keep pushing through, I'll make it...


There are so many clothes in my closet that I wish to wear, but have not/will not for many reasons.
Either, I look to fat in them, I feel to fat in them, or they genuinely do not fit...
Regardless of why, 2/3 of my closet experiences this phenomena.
But slowly, slowly, I am fitting into my jeans more...
The shirts are fitting looser...
Everything generally looks better.


I want to maximize my weight loss from today...
But I can't bring myself to do any exercise.
I'm intensely afraid of passing out, but more than anything, I just don't want to move.
Fuck everything else.
I like my bed, I like my thinspo.
My starving stomach doesn't even bother me.
After awhile, you don't even notice/acknowledge it anymore.

It just sort of becomes you.

But deary, is that what you want?


3 slices mozzarella cheese
1/3 cup of egg whites
2 cans tuna w/ slight mayo


  1. Seven pounds! Wow you must be doing something right, good job! Glad you're beginning to enjoy your closet more :)