Tuesday, October 4, 2011


She tries harder than the average teen, 
an over-achiever with low self-esteem...
Wants to look like a star, but she takes it too far...
She's never good enough.


Dinner was swell.
However, I'm feeling a little finicky about the six or so slices of zucchini I had....
I'm really hoping to god that I've still lost weight tomorrow.
I just might cry if I haven't.

The demons within, they call...

I find such solace in his eyes. 
He is the yin to my yang.
He teaches me to be better... 
With him, I want to be better.

I look at my reflection, and all I can see is the spare tire around my waist.
My stomach is a square, unflatteringly swimming in fat.
My thighs are humongous, calves squishy.
I'm itching to be out of my own body.
But I'm so close, I feel it.
The plateaus are killer.
But I'll make it.
This, I know.
I will win.



1/2 cup scrambled eggs
2 small sausage patties
salad w/ turkey chunks
egg white
7 oz smoked salmon
1 piece broccoli
6 pieces sliced zucchini

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