Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've never been a very patient person.
But this? 
This should happen pretty fast.
Every once in awhile, I can close my eyes, and see myself at my goal weight...
Gorgeous and thin, and above all, tan.

I have a sexy boyfriend.
Who is everything I just mentioned above, but instead of thin, he has glorious muscle that sorta makes me want to rip his clothes off everytime I see him.
Oh and his tan.... His motherf@#!ing tan... 
Besides him looking like a Hollister model, he's the best.
He really, really is. 
He motivates me to be better than I am, to push myself.
He's proud of my weight loss.
It puts me above the rest.

Sometimes the term has use.

It's not an overnight thing.
It's a day by day process that takes you ever closer to your dream goal.
100 is just my little mile stone.
My real happy weight is around 95 pounds...
I think I'll go with 93 pounds.
At 93 pounds, that will mark my 40 pounds weight loss mark.
I have come a long way.
I'm sitting at about 115 right now, I believe...
We'll see tomorrow.

I'll get there.
I know I will.

I'm not particularly hungry right now, which is a blessing in itself.
Hunger's never been an issue.
I'm thinking about becoming vegan again...
I think I would enjoy that so much.
I loved it before.
And if I'm not lying to myself, I actually sort of miss it.

One piece of sausage
Half a salad w/ grilled chicken

Someone once asked me what I take on my salads, since a lot of dressings these days are full of carbs and unecessary fats. I thought this was a particularly good question, so here we go (:

Aniela's Zero Fat/Zero Carb Salad Dressing:
Hot Sauce

Yup ladies, it's that simple.
On top of that, it's been found that hot sauce triggers weight loss.
So gobble down, my lovelies <3

Think Thin xx

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